Georgios Protopapas is an international relations specialist  and journalist. He is Executive Director and Analyst at the Center for International Strategic Analyses   (KEDISA),  Social Media Analyst  at Paloservices,  Editor – Analyst  at the Greek printed monthly Magazine Defense & Diplomacy (ΑΜΥΝΑ & ΔΙΠΛΩΜΑΤΙΑ), Contributor at New Republic.gr

He has studied European Studies, University of Hertfordshire (UK) and he has pursued postgraduate studies in International Relations, University of Kent (UK).His research interests focus on the issues of social media, foreign policy, geopolitics, international diplomacy, energy, terrorism, energy security and public diplomacy.

He is member at The International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) in Ljubljana, Slovenia .

He is coauthor with Nikos Aravites of the book “In social MEDI ARES “, which analyses the trends of greek  internet (social media, sites, opinions, blogs, forums, youtube) for politics, economy, society, international affairs, diplomacy.

He was from 2000 until  2014 Foreign Desk Editor at the weekly Greek political and financial newspaper “The Investor” (ΕΠΕΝΔΥΤΗΣ).

He has participated as speaker in international scientific conferences for Diplomacy and Regional Security (conferences organized by Russian International Affairs Journal in Paris – Vienna, organized by The Institute of Corporative Security Studies (ICS) in Maribor, and Key – Speaker in ΝATO Αdvanced Research Workshop in Belgrade). He is contributor to Katoikos.eu, the Daily Journalist, the ΜPC Journal and he has also published articles in The Geopolitical Monitor, the Russian International Affairs Journal and the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES).


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